Wool Coat

This mohair woolen coat was inspired by the Elizabethan era. The silhouette is high-low, with three snaps for the closure. There are two inserts on each side of the coat, stretching from the front hem, over the shoulder and down to the bottom of the hem creating an accordion silhouette. The the waist is brought in, the red silk and black mohair wool blend fabric cannot be seen. These seams run along the princess lines creating a well fitted silhouette. It has set in sleeves, with standard shoulder pads. The sleeve is fitted from the shoulder down and right bellow the elbow the sleeve puffs out, becoming very exaggerated. The sleeve gathers into several pleats at the wrist. The cuff is the red silk and black mohair wool blend. The collar is made using an origami technique, engineered by me. The shell of the collar is cut out of the black mohair wool and it is lined with the red silk blend fabric. The lining for the entire coat is an iridescent black and red duchess satin.

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